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Reward yourself

Our combos have been carefully designed to provide your body and mind the ultimate recovery and relaxation. Whether you need to beat the effects of altitude, overcome a lack of energy and tiredness from jet lag, to overcome sore muscles, prepare for a retreat or you just want to treat yourself. We have the combo for you.

Feel Good Combo

Our Feel Good Combo is Cusco's number one wellness package for a reason. This is perfect for those who have just arrived to Cusco, are in need of some self care, are preparing for a retreat or would just like to have an amazing experience.

Our oxygen therapy addresses any physical affects of altitude sickness or jet lag, whilst our massage works out tight and sore muscles and our float tank allows you to fall into a deep state of both physical and mental relaxation.

For those who want to invest in themselves and feel great, this is the Combo for you.

Discover the best wellness package in Cusco
Just finished a trek? This is for you

Post Trek Combo

As Cusco is at altitude, muscle recovery in general is prolonged meaning many people find themselves with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which can make those post activity days uncomfortable, especially those with long travel planned or activities planned.

This Combo has been designed by listening and treating thousands of hikers over the last nine years.

Our post trek massage incorporates the whole body but with an emphasis on the muscles that are used when trekking. Adding slight movement into the massage and assisted stretching allows the release of tight muscles and a faster recovery from strenuous trekking. 

The float tank is the icing on the cake, it is an extremely relaxing experience for both the body and mind to help reach a new level of relaxation. 

Altitude Combo

Our Altitude Combo has been designed to reduce the effects of altitude sickness and to leave you confident that you can take part in all your planned activities. With a 60 minute session in our hyperbaric chamber followed by a 60 minute massage you will leave feeling ready to take on any challenge. 

Our Altitude Combo is 100% natural and could be the difference between spending a night in the Clinic and trekking the Inca Trail.  

Altitude Combo in Cusco
Just finished a trek? This is for you

ReEnergize Combo

This is the chosen combo for many who are looking for a relaxing experience. Whether you have a free morning, have done some hard tours or just would like to treat yourself. 

A 60 minute deep tissue massage allows us to get your body moving and flowing as it should be. Relaxed, you can then experience the amazing world of floating, with a 60 minute float and get the body and mind relaxation. 

Relax Combo

Our Relax Combo is perfect for those that aren't great lovers of massage but would still like to relax. Starting with a 60 minute hyperbaric chamber session, you get to feel all the benefits of an hour at pressure followed by relaxing in our float tank. 

Whether this is at the start or end of your visit to Cusco, you are sure to feel great at the end of the Combo. 

Altitude Combo in Cusco
Just finished a trek? This is for you

Birthday, Anniversary and special occasions

Just finished a trek? This is for you

We have created a special package for those who would like to give a memorable gift to their loved one visiting Cusco. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or a 'just thinking about you' present your special one will be treated.


When they arrive they will be welcomed with a special infusion, which is great for relaxation as well for altitude sickness. They will then begin their treatment, beginning with a 60 minute massage of their choice. This will be followed with the most relaxing 60 minutes of their life in our float tank.


They have time to shower using our amazing natural shampoos and creams before relaxing in our lounge. They will then be presented with a gift bag including a range of products from our natural shop.

We recommend leaving 2.5 hours for this experience.

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