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Float into relaxation

Reset your mind and body

Floatation therapy at ReEnergize Cusco is leaving behind all your muscle soreness, stresses and jet lag at the door and entering into a state of relaxation and healing both physically and mentally.

Floating is scientifically proven to increase our mental and physical wellbeing in as little as an hour. It can leave us feeling more happy and relaxed, with fewer aches and pains, and confident of a better night’s sleep. It can help us gain a better perspective on things too. 

Sore muscles from trekking? Discover floating

Reduced Muscle Soreness

Recover faster from treks and strenuous activity.

Can't sleep in Cusco? Visit us at ReEnergize Cusco.

 Improved      Sleep    

Let floating have a transformational effect on your sleep.

Meditation in Cusco

Stress Relief & Mindfullness

Floating creates an environment that releases stress and makes mindfulness easier.

Float in Cusco.jpg

How does it work?

The water in our pod contains half a tonne of Epsom salt, allowing you to float effortlessly. It matches the temperature of your skin and the air, giving you the feeling of complete weightlessness. With starlights in the roof it is a relaxing environment with the option of complete silence or relaxing music.

Free from sensory input, the muscular-skeletal system and sympathetic nervous system wind down into a state of deep relaxation and serenity, in which your body and mind can heal and replenish.

Our therapies

Choose a 60 or 90 minute float

Combine it with a massage or oxygen therapy in one of our Packages

The benefits of float

Relieves pain + muscle soreness

Alleviates insomnia, fatigue + jet lag

Provides deep relaxation

Lowers blood pressure + heart rate

Restores magnesium + sulfate

Distributes oxygen + nutrients 

Increases endorphins 

Aids in visulization, creativity and mental clarity

Improves skin and hair health 

3 Float Effect - $120

If you have never floated before, the art of letting go can be a challenge. We have found that by the third float​ many people are able to experience the full benefits of floating (though even after one you feel pretty awesome). 

We have created our 3 Float Effect to make these amazing benefits accesible to all.  Whether you are looking to deepen your meditation practice, are looking for some introspection or are just want to relax and recuperate, don't miss out on this amazing offer.


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