The day of your therapy


You arrive and we will answer any questions or queries that you may have. You will be led into the treatment room where the mild Hyperbaric Chamber is situated.

Relax & Breath

Once the Chamber is full, you will be able to sleep, listen to music or meditate. We recommend focussing on your breathing. Taking full breaths to help the oxygen circulate the body.

Prepare to enter

You will get into the Chamber, you are allowed to take your phone or tablet in with you though we recommend having as little stimuli as possible inside the chamber. 


Once the session is complete, the Chamber will slowly be depressurized and you will be invited to a glass of water as you sit down for five minutes. 

Get comfortable

As the Chamber is slowly pressurized until 1.3 ATA (the equivalent to 10 feet below sea level) you will have to occasionally adjust your ears which may block similar to on a plane.

Enjoy your trip

You will leave our studio feeling vitalized and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.