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Leaders in the treatment of muscle pain in Cusco.

With professionally trained therapists from the UK & Canada​ we are focused on recuperating your muscles and getting you feeling great. Choose the massage that suits your needs and allow our skills and knowledge to do the rest.

We always recommend 90 minutes as this gives enough time to give focussed work on any area that needs it whilst addressing the whole body. Although if you are short on time then our 60 minute massages are pretty great too. 


With a brand new float center and oxygen therapy, we invite you to explore our Combos to make your experience at ReEnergize Cusco that little bit more special.

Specialists in Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Trek Massage

Deep tissue massage in cusco

Muscle Recovery

Massage is great to speed up the recovery of sore & aching muscles.

Treat injuries chronic or acute

Chronic injury

Massage is effective for alleviating chronic pain.

Relax and recuperate during your time in Cusco


Massage helps the body enter a state of relaxation.

Why choose us

Over the last seven years ReEnergize Cusco has built a reputation for being the leaders in wellness in Cusco. With many years of experience, study and by taking a personal approach to each massage, we know that we have the perfect massage in store for you.

Deep tissue massage in Cusco.png

Which Massage is for you?

Though we may specialize in Deep Tissue, Pre & Post Trek massage we are trained and offer a variety of types of massage. If you are unsure which massage is best for you then we will always have five minutes before any massage to discuss your needs. 

- Therapeutic Massage

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Sports Massage

- Pre Trek Massage

- Post Trek Massage

- Trekking Combo

- Couples Massage

- Swedish Massage

The benefits of massage

Choose a 60 or 90 minute massage

Combine it with a float or oxygen therapy for an amazing wellness package.

Reduces muscle tension​ and pain

Optimizes joint mobility/flexibility and muscle length 

Decreases stress and improves mood

Aids exercise related muscle recovery

Improves blood circulation

Our therapies

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