Leaders in the treatment of muscle pain in Cusco.

With professionally trained therapists from the UK & Canada​ we are focused on recuperating your muscles and getting your holiday back on track. Choose the massage that suits your needs and let our skills and knowledge get your body back to its best.

We always recommend 90 minutes if you are looking for a whole body massage as this gives enough time to give focussed work on any area that needs it whilst addressing the whole body. Whereas 60 minutes is perfect for any focussed work. 

Specialists in Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Trek Massage

Muscle Recovery

Massage is great to speed up the recovery of sore & aching muscles.

Chronic injury

Massage is effective for alleviating chronic pain.


Massage helps the body enter a state of relaxation.




60 minute massage

90 minute massage

120 minute massage

- $40

- $60

- $80

60 minute float 

90 minute float

120 minute float*

*(150 minutes for the price of 120)

Hyperbaric Chamber

- $50

- $75

- $100

60 minute hyperbaric chamber

90 minute hyperbaric chamber

- $50

- $75

Gift Cards / Passes -

2 Pass - $80

3 Pass - $120

5 Pass​ - $180 

10 Pass​ - $340 

Altitude Combo

Level 1 - $90

Level 2 - $120


Level 1 - 60 minute therapies

Level 2 - 90 minute therapies

Jet Lag Combo

Level 1 - $90

Level 2 - $130

Feel Good Combo

Level 1 - $120

Level 2 - $170

Trekking Combo

Level 1 - $70

Level 2 - $100

Post Trek Combo

Level 1 - $80

Level 2 - $120

Our passes are applicable with all our therapies (60 minutes) and are valid for one person (except the 10 therapy pass which is valid for two people). 

All prices stated are in US Dollar. We accept cash (Dollars, Soles or Euros) and all major card types. 

Why choose us

With many options for massage in Cusco you may wander why we are different. Well click below to find out! 

Therapeutic Massage

We focus on your sore spots and use various modalities including (but not limited to) swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and stretching. This is our most popular massage as it is tailored to your specific needs.                     

Post Trek Massage

Has your recent achievement left you with aches and pains? Similar to the therapeutic massage, we will use our experience to get your muscles feeling relaxed and revitalised. 

Sports Massage

Our Sports massage aims to help alleviate stress and tension which builds up in the body's soft tissue areas during physical activity,

Deep Tissue Massage

Our massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other connective tissues. When needed we give extra attention to  trouble spots in your body.

Pre/Post Trek Combo

The pre trek massage will prepare your body for the upcoming trek, whilst our post trek massage will help to recover your body and get you feeling back to normality!

Couples Massage

Do you come in two? Be it, family, friends or partners. If so then our Couples massage could be for you.

Please note that if you need the two massages at the same time then we generally need 24 hours notice so please get in touch.

Pre Trek Massage

Don't spoil your trek of a lifetime with niggles and soreness. Let us get your body feeling its best for your upcoming trek. 

Taping Service

Our taping service will offer your troublesome area an extra layer of protection and support for the trek.

Passes & Gift Cards

Our passes are designed so you can invest in your body for less, and encourages you to sustain a regular practice to maximise the benefits of floating, massage and hyperbaric chamber.

Give your body the serenity it deserves