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Meet the therapists at Cusco Therapeutic

Daniel Rowe B.Sc, N.M.T

-Advanced therapeutic massage and body work, Patrick O’Donnel NMT, Scott Bernius D.C. Institute of Massage
-Sports massage, Arequipa Massage

-Certification in Kinesiology Taping, Sporttape UK

-Professional Orthopedic Massage Certification (ongoing), Whitney Lowe, Academy of Clinical Massage 

-Functional Biomechanics of Running, Mike Antoniades, The Running School

Following several running injuries that plagued him over a number of years, Dan was introduced to massage therapy. Within a few treatments his problems had been identified and resolved. He started reading about it and was amazed by the extent to which massage therapy can help a wide variety of chronic issues and long-term sports injuries.


He trained in Advanced Neuromuscular therapy and Bodywork under the guidance of Patrick O'Donnell N.M.T and Scott Bernius D.C where he accumulated over five hundred hours of practice and many more of theory. 


He currently works with a large number of tourists, addressing both acute muscle pains from treks and long journeys to chronic pain that they have had for several years. In addition he offers relaxing massages to those that just want to unwind. He is also fortunate enough to work with several elite athletes, providing therapy to some members of the Peruvian National Marathon Program. 



Chelsey Cooper is passionate about helping her clients feel renewed and more connected to their body. After ten years of being a massage therapist full time in Washington D.C. she learned how to customize to fit her clients needs, ranging from deep tissue to therapeutic, and even reiki energy to those wishing to receive on a more energetic level. Chelsey got her license at the National Massage Therapy Institute and continued her education over the years. She is very excited to assist you in feeling better in your body and refreshed after a session with her.


Kat Castro

Apart from being our model on many of our Instagram posts. Kat also is the business administrator and runs the Float section of our business. ​


A historian by profession, if you are waiting for an appointment then don't hesitate to test her knowledge if you want to learn about Cusco. 

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