Hyperbaric Chamber
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Pioneers of the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber in Cusco!

Whether your aim is to beat jet lag, recover faster from a trek, acclimatize quicker to the altitude or are just in need of a pick me up, we are sure that our Hyperbaric Chamber will be the perfect answer.


Boost your oxygen level and beat the affects of altitude sickness. 

Cognitive Enhancement

Enhance your concentration & cognitive abilities.

Faster Recovery

Accelerate cell recovery and tissue repair.




Hyperbaric Chamber

60 minute massage

90 minute massage

120 minute massage

- $40

- $60

- $80

60 minute float 

90 minute float

120 minute float*

*(150 minutes for the price of 120)

- $50

- $75

- $100

60 minute hyperbaric chamber

90 minute hyperbaric chamber

- $50

- $75

Gift Cards / Passes -

2 Pass - $80

3 Pass - $120

5 Pass​ - $180 

10 Pass​ - $340 


Level 1 - 60 minute therapies

Level 2 - 90 minute therapies

Altitude Combo

Level 1 - $90

Level 2 - $120

Jet Lag Combo

Level 1 - $90

Level 2 - $130

Feel Good Combo

Level 1 - $120

Level 2 - $170

Trekking Combo

Level 1 - $70

Level 2 - $100

Post Trek Combo

Level 1 - $80

Level 2 - $120

Our passes are applicable with all our therapies (60 minutes) and are valid for one person (except the 10 therapy pass which is valid for two people). 

All prices stated are in US Dollar. We accept cash (Dollars, Soles or Euros) and all major card types. 

60 Minute Session

Whether you are after a session to beat the affect of altitude sickness, Jet Lag or  just for overall wellness then a 60 minute session in our chamber could be the answer you are looking for.

90 Minute Session

For those who are looking to switch off, relax and let the body be overloaded with oxygen, then a 90 minute session is for you. Take in your phone and listen to a meditation or relaxing music and let the machine do the rest. 

Passes & Gift Cards

Our passes are designed so you can invest in your body for less, and encourages you to sustain a regular practice to maximise the benefits of floating, massage and hyperbaric chamber.

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber

A Hyperbaric Chamber is a pressurized capsule that is slowly pressurized slowly to 1.3 ATA (atmospheres of pressure), which is equivalent to the pressure felt when diving to 10 foot below sea level or descending over 11,000 vertical feet. The increased pressure in the chamber allows the blood, plasma and other liquids of the body to absorb additional oxygen, greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain and fluids of the body.   

Hyperbaric therapy has been proven to have numerous health benefits that range from anti aging, faster recovery from injury to improved concentration and cognitive abilities. 

Those that choose to use Hyperbaric Chambers have the opportunity to many advantages, such as:

- Increased energy and endurance

-  Relief from the affects of altitude sickness

-  Improved concentration and cognitive abilities

-  Increased antioxidant levels within the body

-  Effective treatment for digestive disorders and headaches

-  Faster recovery from injury and/or surgery

Give your body the serenity it deserves