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Deep Tissue Massage in Cusco

Deep Tissue Massage is the perfect antidote to muscle soreness and pain that many people will experience when they visit Cusco. Be it from going on a trek, visiting Machu Picchu or from the many plane and buses needed to get here.

Most people who come to Cusco, have had Peru on their bucket list for many years and it seems such a shame when they are unable to enjoy their holiday to the maximum as a result of body soreness. I have seen countless of people, who have held off getting a massage until the day before they return home. This often means that for the last few days of their holiday they have been unable to do or enjoy activities to the maximum. When they finally get a massage, they get off the bed feeling much better and often state, 'why didn't I get this sooner.' If you have invested so much in your holiday (money, time, holiday) then don't spoil it by not investing in yourself.

Worse than this, I often see tourists limping around the centre or when at dinner struggling to get up from their tables. When I have chatted with them they often state that they are in pain from just completing a trek (often two to three days before!!). When I tell them what I do, they state that they are in desperate need of a massage and I always leave them my card!

Whether it is with myself or another massage provider, don't spoil your amazing once in a lifetime holiday by not looking after yourself or your body. A professional Deep Tissue Massage can do wanders to sore and tired muscles and can make your holiday unforgettable for all the right reasons! For information on what we offer you can click the link below:

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