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Deep Tissue Massage in Cusco

Are you considering getting a massage during your stay in Cusco? Maybe you get frequent massages back home or you are on holiday and feel like treating yourself? Either way, we are sure you will be pleased that you chose Cusco Therapeutic Massage.

We have expanded over the last 6 months and now have three therapists (you can read about us here) though unlike many business, our quality hasn't diminished, in fact I think you could argue that it has increased.

Our massage therapists are all professionally trained, for example Gregory completed his studies in one of the most demanding massage schools in Canada (over 2000 hours) and Rodrigo studied Physiotherapy and so has an excellent understanding of the anatomy of the body.

So, one thing you can count on is that the quality of massage will exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions, would like to book in your massage or would like to learn more about us then please visit our website.

We wish you a great stay in Cusco and hope you can enjoy it to the maximum.

Cusco Therapeutic Massage Team.

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