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New website and exciting new therapies!

So, for the past several weeks I have been working hard on designing the new website. We had mentioned in one of our previous blog posts that 2019 had some big changes in store. In truth, I didn't think they would come around so quick but as an opportunity arose, it felt it was the right time to take it.

So after nearly five incredible years in which we have built the business to be one of the leaders in massage and bodywork in Cusco. Where we have gotten to the point that hundreds of tourists choose and trust us each year to get their holidays back on track. Where personally I have changed my career path to focus on providing a professional and high standard of massage and where I hope I have helped improve the standard of massage in Cusco.

But all good things come to an end, though the only thing that is coming to an end is the name. So I would like to welcome you all to Cusco Therapeutic Massage & Altitude Treatment.

Cusco Therapeutic Massage & Altitude Treatment brings some incredible new features and opportunities to truly make your holiday in Cusco extra special!

1) New staff: We have hired new staff who are professionally trained and who each bring some incredible technique and knowledge to the team. You can read more about who they are and what therapies the offer here.

2) Treatment for Altitude Sickness. Over the years we have seen many trips ruined by the altitude. Just one month ago, we saw a family of three who missed out on the Inca Trail, a trek that was six months in the planning, where over $1500 was lost and where dreams were ruined as both parents struggled too bad with altitude sickness to complete it.

We felt that there was a huge gap in the market, with the only options being pills (which a, can have side affects and b, are mostly paracetamol to stop headaches), so we started researching and researching and decided it was the right time to open a Center for Altitude Sickness.

We have invested in a brand new Hyperbaric Chamber that will get all those that are suffering from Altitude Sickness back on their feet and ready for the adventures that await them. To discover the benefits of the Hyperbaric Chamber for altitude, please click here.

3) Hyperbaric Chamber for wellness. The Hyperbaric Chamber has been proven to have numerous health benefits that range from anti aging, faster recovery from injury to improved concentration and cognitive abilities. For more info on this, then please click here.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those that have supported us and have chosen us as your massage provider over the years. Hopefully you will be inquisitive to try the Hyperbaric Chamber and see the incredible effects that it has on both the body and mind.

Here's to the next five years!


Dan & Team

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