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2020 the year of new experiences

The end of 2019 brought to an end of a decade. The decade in which we started Cusco Therapeutic Massage & Altitude, made Peru our home and chose to dedicate our lives to helping those who visit Cusco have an unforgettable experience.

This is through both high quality professional massages, which helps those that come to Cusco prepare for treks as well allowing them to continue their onward travel pain free through our Post trek massage. In addition, in the last year we have also invested in a Hyperbaric Chamber, which allows us to help many of those who visit Cusco and are hit with altitude sickness, which can threaten ruining their whole holiday.

I think it is important in any business (maybe even more so for smaller business) to look forward rather than back and that is what we try and always do. One of the main questions that I always ask myself is 'how can we make the experience better', this year we have come up with a great answer. One which I won't tell you quite yet. But shall we say, it is likely to revolutionize your wellness experience here in Cusco.

So we recommend to keep an eye on our blog and website to see all the new opportunities that are soon to present themselves. Without further ado, I wish everyone a happy New Year and I hope that 2020 is a prosperous year for you all.

Best Dan + the Cusco Therapeutic team.

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