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Altitude sickness Combo in Cusco

Altitude sickness Cusco

Firstly it is important to state that if you are suffering from severe altitude sickness then you should immediately seek medical assistance. One clinic that has English speaking doctors is O2 Medical Network. Please see below the symptoms to differentiate between mild and severe altitude sickness.

Mild and severe altitude sickness in Cusco

Have you just landed in Cusco? Is your head pounding or are you struggling to catch your breath? If this is you, then it is likely that you are struggling from the affects of altitude sickness!

Cusco is situated at 3,400 meters, which in other words is very high up. This means that anybody coming from sea level has a good chance of being a victim.

With many people having a short period in Cusco or if they have planned activities starting soon after they are arriving then it is important to be as acclimatized as possible so the altitude doesn't ruin your trip and memories of Cusco.

Many people take medication for the altitude, others stock up on Coca tea or start chewing lCoca eaves in their attempt to acclimatize. We think we have a better option. Our Altitude Combo!

Our Altitude Combo consists of a 60 minutes massage to get the blood flowing throughout your body. You will feel calmer and we will be able to address your headache and get you feeling relaxed. You will then be lead into our Hyperbaric Chamber. The pressure in the chamber is slowly increased to a pressure of 1.3 ATA (atmospheres of pressure), which is equivalent to the pressure felt when diving to 10 foot below sea level or descending over 11,000 vertical feet. The increased pressure in the chamber (hyper=high, baric=pressure) allows the blood, plasma and other liquids of the body to absorb additional oxygen, greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain and fluids of the body. The affects are instantaneous and in many times they can be long lasting as they give your the body the chance to fully adapt to the altitude.

Once the Chamber has been de-pressurized you will be able to have a glass of water and a few minutes sat in our waiting room, during which we will take a reading of your oxygen level.

We always advise after our Combos to take the rest of the day at a slower pace, so you can let the affects to continue doing their magic and so you are ready for the adventures ahead the following day.

If you are keen to get the most out of your holiday and not to miss any of the incredible activities and adventures that Cusco has to offer then we recommend you book in your Combo online today.

For more information on our Combos you can visit our website:

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