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Altitude Combo 2.0

Altitude Combo in Cusco

We are continuously striving to offer the highest level of products and services that we can. That is why we are rolling out our Altitude Combo 2.0.

Cusco is situated at 3,400meters and those that choose to take part in treks or a visit to Rainbow Mountain then you are likely to reach close to 5,000meters above sea level. For those that haven't had time to acclimatize fully or those that haven't fully recovered from altitude sickness they may have been suffering from, embarking on these treks is risky not just for your health but also for the enjoyment of your experience.

There is nothing worse than trekking with a splitting headache or on a lack of sleep, just two of several symptoms of altitude sickness. You won't be trekking with a smile on your face but rather trekking counting down the days and kilometers until it is over.

After nearly five years of working with tourists that trek day-in day-out we have developed our Altitude Combo. We are focused on offering a natural alternative to the 'Altitude pills' that are available from pharmacies. That is why we have created our Altitude 2.0 to beat the affects of altitude the natural way and to get your body in its best form ready for all the challenges you present to it.

You will start with a 60 or 90 minute massage that will get the blood and oxygen flowing. This will also address any headaches or muscle soreness you may be feeling. Following the massage you will be led straight into our Hyperbaric Chamber where your body will get a respite from the altitude as well as being inundated with extra oxygen ready to take on all the high passes and adventures ahead of you.

You will leave our studio feeling relaxed and revitalized as well as having your very own "Altitude Sickness Relief Roll On' from Inkaly. A small but effective travel companion, small enough to fit into your pocket or rucksack, this will get you through the toughest parts of the trek and allow you to remember your trek for all the right reasons!

To book in your Combo today then click on the Book Now or Contact Us buttons on our website.

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