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Altitude sickness in Cusco? Don't miss out!

Have you just arrived to Cusco and have been welcomed with an excruciating headache or the joys of not being able to sleep? Do you have a retreat or trek in the coming days and you are concerned how you will be able to participate feeling as you are? Well you are not alone! For the last several years we have been helping people overcome the effects of altitude sickness and get their holidays back on track. Our secret weapon, our Altitude Combos!

You will start with a 60 massage that will get the blood and oxygen flowing. This will also address any headaches or muscle soreness you may be feeling. Following the massage you will be led straight into our Hyperbaric Chamber where your body will get a respite from the altitude as well as being inundated with extra oxygen ready to take on all the high passes and adventures ahead of you. This pressurised chamber is excellent in reducing your symptoms and getting feeling back to normal.


To read more reviews on how e can help you then please have a look at our Tripadvisor page

To book in your Combo today then click on the Book Now or Contact Us buttons on our website

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