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Deep Tissue Massage in Cusco

Are you looking for a professional Deep Tissue Massage whilst in Cusco? If so, then you have come to the right place. Below are a few reasons why we at ReEnergize are the best option for you.

Professionally trained therapists

- We are proud of the fact that we are of the few massage therapists in Cusco that are professionally trained. Gregory completed his studies in one of the most demanding massage schools in Canada (over 2000 hours) whilst Dan studied and trained in the UK and has built a successful massage practices in Peru for the last eight years. So, one thing you can count on is that the quality of massage will exceed your expectations.

Personalized & Integrative Approach

- We have never been fans of the routine approach, where the therapist gives you the same routine that they have been given every client for many years. Instead we listen to what our clients have to say and create a session based on their needs.

Natural Products

- Our main massage wax is Songbirds Natural , which we believe is the best massage wax in the world. So much so, we import it from the UK. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and moisturized and gives us therapists a great grip to allow us to carry out focused work.

Smart & Clean Studio

- We are really proud of our Wellness studio and much thought has gone into designing the rooms. We have heaters in each room as well as electric blankets. This ensures that our clients are warm throughout the session.

English Speaking

- All our therapists speak English and can communicate throughout your session to ensure that you are receiving the best massage that you can.


- Our Combos create the #1 wellness packages that are available in Peru. Add a float or a session in our Hyperbaric Chamber to your massage to extend your time of feeling amazing and help recover the body.

These are a few of the reasons why we think that ReEnergize is the most professional and highest quality massage in Cusco. If you would like more info or to book an appointment then click here.

We wish you a great stay in Cusco and hope you can enjoy it to the maximum.

ReEnergize Cusco

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