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Discover our Gift Combo

Last week we had a wonderful nice visit from a lovely couple who came to ReEnergize Cusco for our Gift Combo. Their anniversary coincided with their time in Cusco and the husband thought that this would be the perfect gift to celebrate.

What is the Gift Combo?

The gift combo is the perfect present for a loved one when visiting Cusco. It starts with a 60 minute massage where the tension in your muscles is worked out. This can be all the body or we can focus on one area if you prefer.

You then head into out float tank and have 60 minutes of pure relaxation for the body and mind. Without any external stimuli and in warm mineral rich water you literally float your stresses away.

You can then enjoy a nice herbal tea in our reception before leaving with a gift bag with some of our most popular natural products from our store.

How long does it take?

It last for two hours though you may want to plan for 2.5 to take into consideration showering and changing etc.

Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, celebrating the completion of a trek or just wanting to treat someone (or yourself). This could be the perfect gift.

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