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Getting a massage in Cusco

Cusco is a great place to get a massage and many people choose to invest in their wellness during their stay. This can be for factors such as long flights, full day tours, the completion of multi day treks or just a treat to themselves on holiday. As a result there exists many massage places catering for every type of tourist and budget, from your bed in the back of a tourist agency to Spas at 5* hotels.

Here at Cusco Therapeutic Massage & Altitude we have been in business for the last 5 years and we feel that we are the standout Wellness Studio in Cusco. You don't have to take our word for it, rather we have come up with the 5 main points which differentiates us from our competitors

1) Professionally trained therapists

We are proud of the fact that we are of the few massage therapists that are professionally trained. We have gone to massage school in Canada and the UK, which has enabled us to learn about anatomy, techniques, contradictions as well as developing our skill set to be intuitive rather than just following a set routine. Furthermore we have advanced training in both Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage.

2) Personalised and integrative approach

We do not just follow a set routine that you find in many Spa settings across the world. Instead, we listen to what our clients have to say, we ask our clients questions about their body, past massages and their likes and dislikes. From this we create a session that is personalized for them where we can focus on the areas that they have highlighted. This allows our clients to get the most out of their massage and leave feeling great.

3) Smart & Clean Studio

There is nothing worse than trying to relax when you are cold, it is noisy or the space is dirty. This is why we give such importance into creating the right atmosphere for our clients. We feel that we have the cleanest and warmest Studio in Cusco. Not only do we have heaters we also have electric blankets to make sure you are nice and cosy and 100% relaxed.

4) English Speaking

It is hard to relax when you are trying to communicate with your therapist that the pressure is too hard or too little or that you have an injury and an area shouldn't be worked. Thankfully our therapists all speak English and can communicate throughout your session to ensure that you are receiving the best massage that you can.

5) Combos

We don't just offer massages, we now have a Hyperbaric Chamber that is the perfect addition to your massage. The Hyperbaric Chamber is perfect for those that suffer from the affects of Altitude Sickness as well as those who feel Jet Lagged and lethargic after long journeys.

If you are still not convinced then come and visit us so we can change your mind. Furthermore you need to keep an eye on our blog and website as we have some exciting announcements that are going to change the wellness industry in Cusco on its head. If you would like to book a session with us then visit our website and click Book Now or click on the WhatsApp logo to send us a message.

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