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Merry Christmas

We wish all our past, present and future clients a wonderful christmas and a prosperous new year.

It has been a testing year for many and we have made it our focus this year to providing a space that allows you to reduce your stress, soreness and anxiety levels.

With the introduction of the float tank this year, we have seen many people benefit from having an hour that allows their body and mind to heal and replenish in a way unlike any other. Many have stated that it has allowed them to clear their mind, think clearly and come out feeling rejuvenated.

The Hyperbaric Chamber has given those who have visited Cusco a chance to beat the affect of Altitude Sickness whilst our massages have continued to help those manage chronic pain, recover after hard work outs and long treks and feel good in general.

We look forward to what 2022 brings and we hope to continue serving our customers in the best way we can.

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