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Pre / Post Trek Combo - ELITE

Our Pre/ Post Trek Elite Combo is for those who are serious about looking after their bodies and enjoying their once in a lifetime trek to the maximum. Those that choose our Elite package will be able to enjoy and take in the magical scenery and sights on the trek rather than being inwardly focused on the pain from muscle soreness or an old injury that has flared up. Furthermore, when it is a once in a lifetime opportunity such as Machu Picchu why would you not ensure you do everything to be in your prime condition?

Your Combo starts with a conversation where we will hear about any pains, niggles or injuries that you may have. It may be lower back soreness from the long flights or it may be an old injury that you are concerned may flair up. We then begin with a pre trek massage, which will focus on these areas. If you report no problem areas then we will give a tune up massage, focusing on the common problem areas that people report from the trek. Once we have addressed these issues and gotten your body in its best possible state, we will then lead you into our hyperbaric chamber, where you will feel like a professional athlete who is getting their body in its best possible state for the upcoming physical activity.

Once you have finished the trek Post trek, we will get to work on your sore areas, these usually are the quads, calves and shoulders. We will get your body feeling back to itself and get you walking without pain. When your body is in its perfect state of relaxation, you will be led once again into our Hyperbaric Chamber, to get both body and mind recharged. You will leave our studio feeling like you have had your button reset, feeling revitalized and ready for the next part of your adventure.

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