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ReEnergize Cusco - Vegan friendly!

At ReEnergize Cusco we are continuously striving to provide the best service possible for our clients. This includes but is not limited to: continuing our education be it through workshops and courses, investing in world leading equipment and technology (think our hyperbaric chamber and float tank) as well as creating the best space available to relax and unwind. However I believe that the most important way is to listen to customer requests and feedback.

One request we had received on a regular basis was using a massage wax that was vegan friendly.

Thankfully this wasn't hard for us to do as for the past three years we have only used massage wax from the amazing company that is Songbird Natural. Songbird Natural were the original pioneers of massage wax in europe and have an ethos of 'think global, act local'. They source all their ingrdients locally and are focussed 100% on the environment, always using innovation to reduce their carbon footprint. In 2019 they announced a Vegan massage wax that is 100% plant based but has all the charecteristics of a bees waxed wax. We were intrigued and felt that we had to add it to our stock.

After one month of using it, I have been thouroughly impressed. The grip and texture is that of our bees waxed waxes and the skin is left mosturiesed but not sticky post massage. The icing on the cake (vegan friendly) is that it is completely safe for those with nut allergies. With our second order of more Vegan massage wax just gone through we are looking forward to rolling it out to all our Vegan clients.

To make Songbird Natural that little bit more amazing, they have now developed packaging that is 100% bio degradable.

To learn more about Songbird Natural then please visit their website

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