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Trekking & massage in Cusco

Discover our pre & post trek in Cusco

Cusco is home to some of the continents best treks and people often come to Peru just for these treks. This is why it is important for you to be in your best possible form to fully enjoy them. There is nothing worse than being on a multiple day trek that you have spent months training (and saving) for and being in pain.

At Cusco Therapeutic Massage, we have done many of the incredible and breathtaking treks, we know how challenging some of them can be on the body. This is why, we have developed our Pre & Post Trek Massage Combo, which will ensure that you won't spoil your incredible holidays or treks with muscle soreness.

Pre/Post Trek Massage Combo

Pre Trek Massage

Our Pre Trek Massages are for all those that have a trek coming up but unfortunately have some niggling injuries or pain, be it acute or chronic or feel lethargic after a long flight and need some loosening out. We work on the troublesome areas to try and get some release and relief. Some of the treks are once in a lifetime opportunities, so we try our best to get you in a fit state. Where necessary we also apply Kinesiology Tape to give you some extra support. We are pleased to have saved many clients treks and trips who have come to us days before a trek in pain or unable to bend down and gotten them through their treks.

Post Trek Massage

Whether it is one night camping or eight, your body could well be crying out for some bodywork. Many people suffer from soreness in their calves, quads, hips and shoulders and we have the perfect remedy to get them feeling better. An hour (or if you are feeling like you really want to treat your body - 90 minutes) of us working your specific troublesome areas, we hope you will get off the bed feeling like new (or at least not like you just did the Inca Trail!)


Level 1 (60 minutes each) - $70

1 Pre Trek Massage & 1 Post Trek Massage

Level 2 90 minutes each) - $100

1 Pre Trek Massage & 1 Post Trek Massage

Pre/Post Trek Combo Elite

Enjoy your trek in Cusco to the maximum

In addition to our Pre & Post Trek Massage Combo, we now have our Pre/Post Trek Combo Elite. This is for those who are serious about looking after their bodies. You will receive a pre trek massage followed by a session in our hyperbaric chamber, this will get rid of any affects of altitude sickness that you may be suffering from and get your body feeling super relaxed.

Once you have finished your trek we will treat you like a pro athlete, working out all your sore areas before you enter our hyperbaric chamber giving the body the perfect conditions to recover at a faster rate.

This will leave you fully prepared for your next part of your adventure in Peru.


Level 1 (60 minutes each) - $175

1 Pre Trek Massage, 1 Pre Trek Hyperbaric Chamber,

1 Post Trek Massage, 1 Post Trek Hyperbaric Chamber.