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What happens when we take our senses away?

As human beings we can experience incredible things thanks to our senses.

But what happens when we remove the external world? Where do our thoughts go? What do we perceive when there is nothing to perceive? 

Float tanks are able to offer this unique possibility.

In the float tank you are supported by skin warm water and half a tonne of medical grade Epsom salt. The tanks are built to prevent any external light or sound. No touch, sound, light or gravity. Simply nothing. 

Within minutes you do not know what body parts are in the water or out.  

Many people describe floating as the most relaxing experience they have ever experienced.

In the tank your body is completely from stress. 

Floating helps:

  • Manage chronic pain & anxiety

  • Aches & stiffness

  • Spine to decompress

  • Creative visualization

  • Deepen meditation practice

For more information please visit our website or facebook page.

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