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The day of your float

Instructions for floating Cusco

No Stimulants

Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before your float to make it easier for your body and mind to relax.

Cusco float tips

No Shaving Before

Please don't shave anywhere on your face or body before your float session as the epsom salt may sting for some time in the beginning making it more difficult to relax and enjoy your float.

Cusco tips for floating

Focus on your breath

If your mind is busy, you have difficulty relaxing, or any challenge with the unique environment, it's helpful to focus on your breathing. Take deep breathes and keep your attention on that process.

Tips for floating Cusco

Be Hydrated

Try to ensure that you are well hydrated before your session, but don't drink too much right beforehand.

Sensory deprivation tank Cuso

Use the bathroom

Be sure to use the bathroom before you enter the Float tank as there is nothing worse than having to stop a float half way through to go to the bathroom.

Tips to float Cusco

No Expectations

There is no 'right' way to float, each and every session is different and it's important to not get caught up thinking you're doing it wrong. Breathe, let go and relax to go deeper.

Cusco float

Eat a Light Meal

It's best to have a light meal 60 to 90 mins. before your session, rather than floating with a full or empty stomach.

Tips for floating

Find your position

Everyone has different preferences: arms above head, pointed up at your side, or down by your body and if you find yourself getting uncomfortable, it can help to switch your arm position.

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