Why Choose Us?

Professionally trained therapists

We are proud of the fact that we are of the few massage therapists in Cusco that are professionally trained.

English Speaking

All our therapists speak English and can communicate throughout your session to ensure that you are receiving the best massage that you can.

Personalized & Integrative Approach

We do not just follow a set routine. Instead, we listen to what our clients have to say and create a session based on their needs.


We don't just offer massages, we have incredible Combos with our Hyperbaric Chamber and Float tank to get your body to the maximum relaxation.

Smart & Clean Studio


We have the cleanest & warmest studios in Cusco. With heaters and electric blankets you will be 100% relaxed.

Gift Cards

Treat your loved ones to the perfect afternoon of relaxation. Choose between a massage, float session or time in our Hyperbaric Chamber. Or even better, all three.