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Oxygen Therapy
Get your holiday back on track

Whether your aim is to beat jet lag, recover faster from a trek, acclimatize quicker to the altitude or are just in need of a pick me up, we are sure that a visit to our Oxygen Suite will be the perfect answer.

Beat altitude sickness in Cusco


Boost your oxygen level and beat the affects of altitude sickness. 

Oxyen chamber in Cusco

Cognitive Enhancement

Meditate at new levels and feel the positive effect of the pressure.

Hyperbaic Chamber Cusco

Faster Recovery

Overcome long travel and different time zones. 

What is a mild Hyperbaric Chamber

A mild Hyperbaric Chamber is a pressurized capsule that is slowly pressurized to 1.3 ATA (atmospheres of pressure), which is equivalent to the pressure felt when diving to 10 foot below sea level or descending over 11,000 vertical feet. The increased pressure in the chamber allows the blood, plasma and other liquids of the body to absorb additional oxygen, greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain and fluids of the body compared to breathing pure oxygen.

oxygen treatment cusco.jpeg

Share your sessions

Our Hyperbaric Chamber packages allow you to share sessions between friends, family or even people you have just met. With two chambers we can cater for two people at a time. Just choose the number of sessions that you would like and we will be in touch to schedule the extra sessions. 
1x 60 minute Hyperbaric Chamber - $50
2x 60 minute Hyperbaric Chamber - $90 
3x 60 minute Hyperbaric Chamber - $120
4x 60 minute Hyperbaric Chamber - $150  

What to expect

You enter one of our Chambers on your back. As the pressure starts to increase, the chamber inflates and you may feel a slight popping of the ears (a little more than being on a plane). Whilst you lie there, relax and breathe, your blood oxygen levels rise. 

Our therapies

The advantages of using our Chamber include:

Choose how many sessions that you would like. 

Combine it with a massage or float in one of our Combos.

Increased energy and endurance


Relief from the affects of altitude sickness


Improved concentration and cognitive abilities


Increased antioxidant levels within the body


Effective treatment for digestive disorders and headaches

Faster recovery from injury and/or surgery

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