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Sports massage in Cusco

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Sports massages are one of our most popular massages and we are lucky to work with many visiting athletes, sports enthusiasts and tourists whose bodies are in need of some attention and care.

A trip to Cusco usually involves plenty of walking, be it up mountains or along the uneven Cusco streets. Both types of activity workout the glutes, quads and calves and as a result we often see a lot of old knee and hip issues flaring up.

​Our Sports massage aims to help alleviate these stresses and tensions which build up in the body’s soft tissue areas during physical activity.

So it doesn't matter if you are an athlete, ardent keep-fitter, a once a week jogger or more of a spectator, a sports massage from us could be the difference between enjoying your trek or post trek days in Cusco or hobbling around in pain feeling sorry for yourself.

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