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Why we do the work we do.

When we receive a good review not only does it put a smile on our faces but it reinforces why we chose this profession and motivates us to continue the work that we are doing.

"I was in Cusco for the Machu Picchu Epic Mt. Bike race. I came in 10 days early to acclimate and be ready for the race. After 6 days of riding, hiking and living, my body was beat up! Not ideal for the upcoming race. Dan saved the day. Seriously, he is amazing. As a former pro cyclist and having ridden for over 40 years now competitively, I have had 100's of massages and body work sessions. It's the only way I can keep my body aligned and in shape for all the riding I do. Dan's session was probably one of the top 10 sessions I have ever received in over 40 years of getting body work. It was transformative. Exceptional. Off the hook amazing. I was taller, freer, my legs were more supple and shoulders were open. Don't even hesitate, Dan can help you whether you are an athlete or just need some healing work."

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