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Activities for a rainy day in Cusco

We are well and truly in the rainy season and so far the weather hasn't disappointed. With streets transforming to rivers and hail stones punishing those without umbrellas. The thought of a walking tour may no longer feel appealing, so we have come up with some alternative activities that you may like to consider:

1) Coffee shops

Peru is famous for its coffee and there are plenty of places to enjoy a good cup. There are several, which are perfect for people watching right in the Plaza de Armas. My favorite is Cappuccino, where you can sit on the balcony and watch people attempting to stay dry and dodging the rain and puddles. However my favorite place is Siete Siete, which offers incredible views of the city, has great cheesecake and is a very relaxed place where you could spend hours playing cards or catching up with your travel journal.

2) Treating your body

What can beat getting a Deep tissue massage on a heated table with the rain falling outside as you fall into a state of relaxation. Or maybe trying a session in a Hyperbaric Chamber, that will rejuvenate both your mind and your body. Or combing the two in a 'Feel Good Combo' You will come out relaxed and feeling great.

3) Cinema

Use the rainy day as an opportunity to learn some Spanish and head to the local cinema. Cinerama is situated just a 5 minute walk from the Plaza de Armas inside shopping centre Imperial Plaza. It costs just 6 soles on a weekday and 8 soles on a weekend and has newish movies.

4) Shopping

With so many markets and stalls you can easily pass an afternoon shopping the rain away. Whether it is matching Alpaca jumpers, llama key rings or a Guinea Pigs made from Alpaca wool, your only worry will be how to fit it all into your suitcase.

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