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2020 for many was a challenging year, for us included. We ended up being stranded in another country for 9 months, meaning Kat had to give birth their. It also meant that our brand studio and float tank had to sit dormant for 10 months. We are grateful though that we are all healthy as are our families.

For 2021 we definitely have the desire and the drive to make our new studio the #1 Wellness Studio in Cusco and possibly all of Peru. As I type this the last few touches are being made to our float room and we hope that we can start filling it with Epsom Salt in the coming hours. With two massage rooms, our hyperbaric chamber and float room we feel that our space provides nearly everything one needs to indulge their body and help rid stress, anxiety and pain. (Keep an eye out for one final addition later on in the year).

We will continue to focus on providing the best personalized treatment to our customers. Here are a few pictures of our nearly ready studio. If you are in Cusco then we hope that you will take time to visit us and to let us get your body and mind feeling relaxed and reenergized.

Our brand new studio has everything for your wellness in Cusco
Welcome to ReEnergize Cusco

Our float room will leave you feeling reenergized
Our float room will leave you feeling relaxed and reenergized

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