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Floating as a new mum

Kat has a beautiful 5-month-old boy, Yaku. Since she had the baby, her sleep pattern was disrupted, she struggled with poor sleep, lack of energy and concentration.

She has been floating with us since we reopened and claims that floating has had many positive benefits for her and her family.

"Just taking 60 minutes of time for myself a week allows me to disconnect from the outside world and give my body and mind a break to relax." As a result, she says, she is more attentive at home, has more energy on a day-to-day basis, and doesn't feel as fatigued.

Float is an incredible opportunity for both moms and dads and we hope that many more moms can come and experience these benefits.

We also shouldn't forget expectant mothers for whom Floating is an incredible tool for making pregnancy a memorable experience for all the right reasons. In our posts next week we'll take a look at all the amazing benefits that floating can bring to pregnant women.

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