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ReEnergize Cusco - Here for you

ReEnergize Cusco has made it their mission to provide all those who visit Cusco with the tools and services to enjoy their holiday to the maximum. As a result we have created the #1 wellness centre in Cusco.

We focus on the main pain points that people have when they visit Cusco:

  • Altitude sickness

  • Jet Lag

  • Sore muscles 

To Combat the effects of Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is obviously the first and most dangerous obstacle that many people face when they arrive in Cusco. It can start immediately when they get off the plane, after the first pisco sour or after a day tour. For the lucky ones it could mean slight breathlessness. For others it can mean sleepless nights, headaches and loss of appetite and for the unlucky ones it could be vomiting, passing out and a trip to the clinic or hospital.

With so many people visiting Cusco with set itineraries, treks and Machu Picchu booked and paid for, it can be a worrying and stressful time that you could miss out on these amazing experiences. Each year many people lose out on these experiences or are unable to enjoy them to the full potential due to the effects that altitude plays on their body.

We have spoken to many tourists who have suffered mild or moderate symptoms but due to the lack of options in Cusco they have had no option but to visit private clinics and hospitals to be attended. They were administered oxygen and put into a hyperbaric chamber to recover their oxygen levels. Most state experiences of being sat in a hospital waiting room for several hours and leaving with a hefty bill.

For this reason, we imported a hyperbaric chamber, which allows us to treat the affects of altitude sickness. Simple to use, you climb into the chamber, allow it to inflate to 1.3Ata and then just relax and let it do all the work. During the next hour your body is undated with oxygen as your plasma and red blood cells absorb oxygen.

You are likely to feel calmer, have a reduced headache and feel with more energy post therapy.

To Combat Jet Lag

Perfect to beat Jet Lag

The second pain point that we found for people visiting Cusco was that most people have traveled from North America, Europe and other faraway places. With many flights, especially from Europe being through the night, people arrive with the triple whammy of altitude, lack of sleep and a change in time. You are left feeling tired and the real threat of your first couple of days being write offs. 

Thankfully for Jet Lag we have three options for you to choose from: hyperbaric chamber, float tank and massage. Though we usually recommend our Jet Lag Combo, which consists of a 60 minute float and a 60 minute massage as we have found this a brilliant way to get a great nights sleep and for your body to adapt to the new timezone.

To combat sore muscles

The third pain point that those who visit Cusco is sore muscles, this can be from one of the several multi day treks available, visiting Machu Picchu or walking through Cusco and the number of steps that you are likely to encounter.

Though many people train for the treks, the altitude is an additional dimension meaning that there is less oxygen getting to your muscles, slowing muscle recovery. Many people return from Machu Picchu and find that the next day they are in serious agony when they try and walk down the stairs. This obviously can make the immediate post treks days uncomfortable and those that have immediate flights a daunting journey to sit for hours with post trek soreness.

This became our first focus when we started Cusco Therapeutic Massage back in 2015 and we developed our pre & post trek massage combos, which focused on the main problem areas that trekkers suffered from and this was our main work for four years. 

Myself and Gregory are both trained massage therapists (a rarity in Cusco) and we take an integrative approach to every body we work on. It doesn't matter if you are after more of a relaxing massage or prefer a deep tissue massage then we have the skill set to meet your needs.


Our combos have been carefully designed to provide your body and mind the ultimate recovery and relaxation. Whether you need to beat the effects of altitude, overcome a lack of energy and tiredness from jet lag, to overcome sore muscles or you just want to treat yourself. We have the combo for you.

For more information then please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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