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How floating works

Float tank in Cusco
Floating in Cusco

Floating in Cusco is a unique opportunity to experience incredible relaxation for both the body and mind. We have one of the worlds most advanced float tanks, allowing you to drift into a deep state of meditation. Many of those that have yet to try floating before may be curious how it works and what it actually consists of. So we hope that this blog post can answer all these questions.

The tank

The water in each pod contains half a tonne of Epsom salt, allowing you to float effortlessly. It matches the temperature of your skin and the air, giving you the feeling of complete weightlessness. It’s usually pitch black and silent in the pod too, unless you wish to have relaxing music, or the light on.

The affects on the body

Free from sensory input, the muscular-skeletal system and sympathetic nervous system wind down into a state of deep relaxation and serenity, in which your body and mind can heal and replenish - resulting in many benefits, including reduced stress, better sleep and faster muscle recovery.

The session

A float lasts for 60, 90 or 120 minutes and starts with a brief induction to the tank and our facilities. Once we have explained the process and answered your questions we will leave you in the float center where you can shower before you enter our tank.

You will have relaxing music inside the tank, which you can choose to have turned on or off with the control panel. In addition you have the option to have illumination inside the tank through the fiber optic starlights or the soothing colours of the LEDS.

Sensor deprivation

The tanks used to be known more commonly as sensory deprivation tanks. This is because of having no lights, sounds and creating a sense of weightlessness.


When you switch the pod light off, you will experience total darkness. Some imagine the darkness as a blank canvas for your mind. You can turn the light on again at any time.


Our float centre and pod are designed to ensure you can experience near total silence (complete silence is scientifically impossible).


Your body floats effortlessly, free from weight or pressure. This allows your muscles to relax, and your spine to realign and lengthen. It’s a relief you may not have experienced before.


The air and water in the pod are kept at the same temperature as your skin. You won’t be able to feel where the water begins and ends.

5 minutes before the end of your float you will hear the timer telling you that you just have a few minutes left and allow you to bring yourself back to the present moment in a timely fashion.

Leaving the tank, you are able to shower using our organic and natural shower gel and shampoo before returning to us in reception for a refreshing citric refreshment.

you will be able to leave our Wellness Studio in a sense of complete relaxation and happiness.

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