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Add Taping to your therapy or buy a roll of Kinesiology Tape so you are ready for your trek.

How does it work?

Reduce pressure on painful areas - K Tape can be applied to relieve the tension often associated with weakened or inflamed muscles and tendons. It can help by reducing the pain caused by the overload and be helpful for engaging actively in rehab.


Improve your ability to move - depending how the K Tape is applied it is thought to activate stretch receptors in the soft tissue which feedback to our higher brain centres. This positively influences the control of muscle tension by activating muscle spindles.


Promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage - when applied to the skin with stretch the K Tape naturally wants to recoil. As a result, it lifts the skin (see above) and fascia to allow blood and lymph flow to increase which may be beneficial in the recovery of soft tissue injuries.


How long does it last? 

Our Kinesiology Tape should last for 5 days in the harshest of environments, the breathable fabric allows protection against rubbing and friction. Stays in place when sweating or swimming thanks to its extra sticky adhesion.

Kinesiology taping in Cusco
Pre trek kinesiology taping service in Cusco

Add Taping to any massage for just $5

Whether it is before or after a trek, give your body the added support to ensure you are pain free.

Our Services

Kinesiology taping in Cusco
Pre Trek Taping - $10
Whether it is a bad back/ shoulder or knee, don't let your niggling injuries and pain ruin your once in a lifeline trek. With our taping service we will give your troublesome areas an extra layer of protection and support.

Pre Machu Picchu massage + Kinsiology taping
Pre Trek Massage + Taping - $45
The perfect way to ensure that you are ready for your up and coming trek, with a therapeutic massage focussing on any problem areas. This will be followed by taping the area to give that added protection and to lower the pain that you may be suffering from. 

Kinesology taping in Cusco
Post Trek Massage + Taping - $50

Congratulations on the completion of your trek but if it has left you like many others with the inability to walk down the stairs and high muscle soreness then our post trek massage, followed by taping of the problematic muscles will get you well on your way to recovery.

Buy sportstape (kinesiology tape) in Cusco
5m Kinesiology Tape - $15
We have for sale 5cm X 5m extra sticky kinesiology tape. 

Please contact us for more information in regards to the colour and availaiblity. 

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