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Trekking and Massage

After a busy start to the year, I rewarded myself with exploring the Ausangate region the past week. Unfortunately, I am still at the phase of my business where I have to close doors when I want some time off, so apologies to those that missed out on a massage during that time.

The Ausangate trek is usually a five or six day trek but as I was going with Pawel, co-founder along with myself of Peru Fitness Holidays, we decided to do it in two day!

This meant trekking 30km per day, and packing lightly so we could move fast.

I now understand why so many people seek massages after Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, Salkantay trek or the Lares trek. The hips, shoulders and quads are crying out for a massage. Unfortunately, I just have my foam roller to keep me company.

Looking at the photos I took, I know that this temporary pain was 100 times worth it, for the views I got to experience. I also feel happy knowing that I get to help alleviate this type of muscle soreness for all those that come and visit me for a Post Trek Massage.

If you are in Cusco and are feeling sore following a trek and are thinking about getting a massage, don't hesitate to get in touch.

In addition, for those that are considering doing the Ausangate trek, I can recommend it 100%. If you just have a short amount of time, then have a look at and their day and two day treks of the region.

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