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Oxygen treatment in Cusco

Oxygen treatment in cusco

Developing Altitude sickness in Cusco is one of the main concerns for those that visit. Age, race, weight or fitness levels seem to provide no indicators as to who will suffer and who will not. This can result for many people in spoiled treks, day trips and even visits to Machu Picchu.

For those whose symptoms are moderate, it may even end in a visit to the local hospital or a private clinic, resulting in hours wasted and a hefty medical bill. 

Over the past seven years at ReEnergize Cusco we have heard the same story hundreds of times of disappointing treks due to splitting headaches, lack of sleep and exhaustion due to the altitude. This is why we made this one of our three focuses for our business and have dedicated the past four years to developing the perfect answer to combat the effects of altitude sickness.

With no other option available, we decided to create a wellness package that could offer all those who suffered with altitude sickness a chance to recover from the effects in a holistic, friendly and enjoyable environment and leave feeling better, relaxed and ready to take on the rest of your holiday.

That is why we think our Altitude Combo is the perfect package for all those who visit Cusco.

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