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Hyperbaric chambers in Cusco

Hyperbaric chambers in cusco

Hyperbaric chambers are an amazing tool for those that visit Cusco. With many people taking over night flights or long bus journeys to arrive to Cusco and with the large altitude gain, many people often find themselves tired and low on energy. This makes their first couple of days fairly miserable.

This is why ReEnergize Cusco invested in two hyperbaric chambers and has focused on helping tourists adjust to their time in Cusco. Our two chambers have been used hundreds of times to get people feeling back to their best and prepared for all the fun challenges that Cusco has to offer.

Each session is 60 minutes long and consists of lying back, relaxing and allowing your body to absorb oxygen at a faster rate. Many people sleep, meditate or just zone out to music or a podcast whilst their body does all the work. You will generally leave the chamber with diminished symptoms of altitude sickness/ tiredness and feel fresher and ready to crack on with your holiday.

For more information on the benefits of our chambers please click on the link below.

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