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Floating isn't just for professional athletes

Floating for athletes
Floating for athletes

Floating is used by athletes such as Steph Curry and Novak Djokovic to reach the next level. For all the athletes based in Cusco, you now have the chance to try this amazing therapy at ReEnergize Cusco.

With a state of the art float tank, you can tap into some of its physical benefits, such as

  • Healing: Floating can speed up healing thanks to its half tonne of Epsom Salt.

  • Pain relief: Floating, according to many athletes and everyday floaters, gives an instant and immediate release from chronic pain and lingering injury.

  • Better sleep: Floating helps improve the quality of sleep, which can be crucial leading up to highly competitive athletic events.

In addition Floating has mental benefits as well, these include:

  • Stress relief: Floating provides a much-needed escape and enhanced sense of relaxation.

  • Increased focus & concentration: Floating can produce a higher level of mental focus during competition.

  • Positive visualization: Floating helps promote positive visualization and mental rehearsal during training sessions.

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