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Hyperbaric Chamber

We are excited to be able offer our clients the chance to use our Hyperbaric Chamber. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has numerous health benefits that include: cell growth and regeneration, detoxification, immune support, new capillary growth, and improved neurological functioning.

Those that choose to use Hyperbaric Chambers have the opportunity to many advantages, such as:

- Increased energy and endurance

- Relief from altitude illness

- Improved concentration and cognitive abilities

- Increased antioxidant levels within the body

- Effective treatment for digestive disorders and headaches

- Faster recovery from injury and/or surgery

- Relief from aching, swollen joints and muscles

- Improved motor function and equilibrium

- An overall feeling of healthy rejuvenation

Furthermore there are well-documented positive results for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with the following issues:

- Arthritis/Inflammatory Conditions - Anti-Aging - Fatigue - Altitude Illness - Chronic Pain - Musculoskeletal Injury - Fibromyalgia - Stroke - Parkinson’s Disease - Respiratory Conditions - Autism - Head Trauma - Digestive Disorders


Professional athletes use Hyperbaric Chambers to recover faster enabling them to train harder and perform at higher levels.

Many elite athletes within the NBA, NFL and Premiership are using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to get that extra % to separate themselves from the crowd.

In addition, for any athlete that is coming to participate in Cusco, Hyperbaric therapy will help you acclimatize faster and being able to compete to your maximum.

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