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Sports Massage Wax

With so many spectacular treks available in the Cusco region, at Cusco Therapeutic Massage, we get to see many people who are in the need of a massage.

We find that Songbirds Sports Massage Wax is the perfect solution for all those who have just finished a multi-day trek (obviously applied during one of our excellent massage :-) ).

The Sports Massage Wax, allows us to have a great grip, meaning we can work slow and specific, concentrating on all the sore areas (generally calves and quads). Since switching over to Massage Wax, we have received so much positive feedback and we see people who limp in for the massage are bounding out.

An added bonus is that it is 100% natural and your skin is left feeling revitalized after a massage.


Almond Oil

Olive OilBeeswax

Essential Oil of Lemon

Essential Oil of Manuka

Natural Vitamin E

Arnica Flower Extract

Calendula Flower Extract

Hypericum Extract

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